Fall In Love With Your Hair

How many selfies have you taken when your curls were perfectly lined or your twist out was amazing or when your blow out felt as soft as a whisper in your ear? On your best hair days you love your natural hair, right? What about on those complicated days when you don’t have time and you wish you could hide your mane under a hat? So how do we stay encouraged and keep the creative flow going through the good and rough days? If you haven’t done so already, try falling in love with your hair and be ready for a life changing experience.

A love affair with your natural hair can be as heart warming as a private, slow dance in the middle of your living room floor. Loving your texture will empower you and give you strength, especially on those frustrating hair days.

If you ever get discouraged, don’t let the good days escape you. Take a look at those beautiful selfies, fill your lungs with the sweet aroma of a strong, protecting embrace, work your mane like only you can, then share that perfect love with someone else…pass it on. Happy Love Affair!!

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