Why Are We Here?


My Sundays are usually full of bliss…church, Sunday dinner, time with family, football games, an occasional walk in Stone Mountain Park. This past Sunday was no different. Actually, it was almost perfect.

Heavenly, I might even say since I got what I’d hoped for. And since it seemed as if God, in all of his humor and wisdom, gave me what I wanted, I responded with a hallelujah dance in front of the TV as my mom watched me in confusion. Little did she know that the day before, I’d hoped to capsize my weekend by curling up on the sofa watching my favorite movie.

And there it was on the TV Guide Channel on an almost-perfect- day. G to the L-A-D-I-A-T-O-R………Rrrrrggghh! Russell Crowe or Maximus, I should say. A man of Loyalty, Love, Strength and Redemption.

Every time I watch it, I get inspired and I pick up on something different. This time I caught a line that I had not given much attention to before.

“Tell me again Maximus, why are we here?” The frail and dying emperor needed reassurance from his loyal general that all of his work had not been done in vain.

There have been days when I have needed a little reassurance after being overwhelmed with the routine, and the styling, the products, and the process that partners natural hair. On those days I have asked the gladiator in me “For what,?!”

And my answers have usually come from beyond my touch of the mirror ….. Restoration, Strength, History, Love, Connections…

More recently, I found reassurance in a more tangible form. She has a golden smile, a gift of gab, and a head full of natural hair that I have enjoyed braiding and twisting.

“Mom, I made my own mix,” she said to me a few weeks ago.

“What?!!!” I responded almost in tears.

“Yeeeesss. I used shea butter oil, vitamin E oil and aloe vera.”

In between laughing and crying, my teenage daughter’s home-made spray bottle mixture reminded me of why I choose to be natural. Happy Journey!

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