Excuse Me #heyzurihall

His coach put him back in the game with fifteen seconds left in the fourth quarter and my son passed the ball instead of driving to the basket.  We lost by 2.  On the way home, his dad said to him sarcastically, “Son, you’re a very courteous player.  BE A BEAST ON THE COURT!  Be nice after the game.”

On my run this morning, I replayed the hard lost in my head ….. the pressure, the crowd, the last second attempts. How would I perform if I were in my son’s shoes? Would I be courteous or would I compete?

In running to find the answer, I began to kindly excuse myself from wondering if passerbys thought that my breathing was too loud and I was able to concentrate more on my breathing rhythm.  I surprisingly dismissed the ever present concern of my ta-ta’s bouncing too much and I began to release the tension in my shoulders. And when the man whom I had passed up, caught back up with me right before our last hill and said to me “Go ahead, that’s not my pace.” I excused myself on ahead.

Zuri Hall and her boyfriend shares a video about natural hair and weave.  It has “Excuse us for being silly and in love” written all over it. I hope you enjoy!!

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