He Has Been Set Free #loveandnaturalhair

We are wrapping up the month of Love with a video posted by SincerelyChrisandKim.  They are covered in laughter throughout the video and I could not stop smiling, especially when Chris said that Kim no longer has to run from the rain.  The best part, however, was hearing that their daughter is going natural too!

We shared the stories of a variety of couples….. young, veteran, interracial. It was fun watching the husbands sit in the hot seat and successfully pass their eight question tests.  Despite their age and cultural differences, they responded unanimously with loving support of their wives’ choice to go natural.

Their choice, our choice involves so more than hair. The Love and Natural Hair tag illuminates how we thread love, family and freedom into our decision to return to our natural state.  We hope that you have enjoyed watching!

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