Run Your Game

Me: Are you with the chanters?

Lady sitting in the lawn chair: Yes I am.

Me: If you don’t mind me asking, why are they chanting?

LSITLC: They are honoring Stone Mountain, thanking God for nature.

Me:  I can respect that……Thank you.

Three miles prior to meeting the lady sitting in the lawn chair and a few hundred feet after I began thinking to myself, “Run Your Game, Tarsha”  I ran passed two small groups of people who I initially thought were Native Americans. As cars drove by, runners ran by and walkers strolled by, they walked one behind the other, covered in animal fur and from what the LSITLC shared with me….openly giving honor to God with their shakers and chants.

For the final two miles of my run, I contemplated how I could honor Yahweh with my running and with my written words…… Yahweh, thank you for giving me feet to run. Thank you for giving me fingers to write.  Thank you for leading me to my voice.

When I started wearing my hair natural, I stepped out onto a new field where I have watched the seeds of unity, beauty, family, struggle, networking, confidence, and voice bloom.  As Naturals, our passion has created a new definition for natural and beauty. Our strands have flipped the hair industry, made a ocean-wide mark on YouTube and claimed a place in the film industry for Naturals.

I believe that since we have revolutionized industries, we can plant our seeds in other fields, work our passion and watch positive changes grow.  With networking and voice, we can Run Our Game to help our youth and communities.

DivaDeb has changed the pace of her game. No longer is she struggling to conform her mane into a completely “neat” state. Rather, she is embarking on a journey that gives her hair freedom to blossom.  I am excited about her journey and I hope that her video encourages you as it did with me.

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