In Other Words, You Can’t Cook

….That was the response from one of my students when I explained to the class that learning a foreign language is like cooking, you get better with practice.

However blunt my student may have been, she was right.  I can´t cook. I enjoy it, I mess it up sometimes, I appreciate how it brings people together, but really, I can’t cook.

I’ve learned a lot from my culinary flops…like you don’t have to add a whole lot of water to a pot of cabbage. Or, don’t add all of the cheese sauce at once to macaroni and cheese.

We all make mistakes.  MyNaturalSistas shares some of the hiccups that she’s made on her natural hair journey……using too much heat and skipping her moisturizing routine.  She encourages us to share our own mistakes in order to help one another.  Enjoy!

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