DIY Curling Gel #praiseonatural

I announced that it was Free Draw Day to an Art class full of eager International Kindergarten students.  They could draw whatever their five-year-old hearts desired.

They sat around the table chatting and filling blank papers with suspended rainbows, stick figured families and leprechauns.

Ten minutes before the end of class, volunteers presented their artwork.  They came up one by one……slanted eyes, short ponytails and jeweled hijabs.  As I listened to narrations of birthday parties and days of being back home in Africa,  I smiled at the thought of God’s diverse and creative expressions.

Praise Onaturals presents her DIY, multi-purpose creation using Aloe Vera gel as a base.  She’s completely unscripted and authentic. I look forward to watching and learning more from her.  I hope you enjoy and Happy Creating!

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