New Natural Hair Video, Guest Blogger Janelle Watkins and Yoga Inspiration for Natural Hair Week In Review

Hurricane Harvey has left a trail of disaster in Texas, forcing people and pets to leave their homes. I’ve watched news coverage of the storm with a heavy heart for the flood victims and with gratefulness for the rescue teams.  Trained rescuers and volunteers are pulling together to help save lives. 

New Natural Hair Video

The ChicNatural shares her four step night time routine to help us grow healthy hair.

Guest Blogger

It goes without saying that this has been a difficult week to get through due to the recent overt racism we’ve witnessed in Charlottesville, VA. After reading and viewing all the scenes from the rally, I had to make a decision to either (A) get on social media and rant about my disgust; (B) allow the information from the news and social media paralyze my mind with fear; or (C) truly make a decision on what it is that I can do to make a positive impact and change in this world. As I began to pray about the division and racism in Charlottesville as well as in our nation, God impressed my heart with these words “Play Your Part.” We each have a role to play in this world; the question is what is that part?


Having said that, do you oftentimes have a sudden urge to become a powerful activist when political issues arise? Do you want to do something more than just exercising your right to vote? How about participating in a march to show the world that you will not idly stand by allowing injustice and immorality to perpetuate in our land.  Then immediately after having such grand ideas to fight for world peace, your thoughts of activism quickly diminishes due to realizing you currently have a full-plate of responsibilities; responsibilities that requires your full attention, if I may add. Subsequently, you revert back to your normal life of day-to-day responsibilities and your voice of activism is only heard in the social media realm. If you have ever felt this way before, you are not alone. In my mind, I’d like to get out in these streets and political arenas and use my voice like attorney/political commentator, Angela Rye.    However, like you there is the other side of reality….my life and my schedule. Therefore, my advocacy aspirations and placing my thumbprint on this world are left untouched.

Fist Pump

So how does one play their part in this world, if it is not by marching or becoming an activist? In my heart, I asked God this question and He immediately revealed to me the art of “playing your part.” The meaning of playing your part is not by simply getting involved in groups or starting great initiatives. (Please do not get me wrong here. For those of you that are starting political groups and initiatives, by all means, continue to do so. We need you to fight, stand and use your voices for what is right.) However, there are several of us that are not using the resources and gifts that we’ve been given to impact this world in a great way.

Playing your part is discovering that God-given purpose that He has placed in your heart and you having the guts, grit and faith to actually step out on it! No, it is not easy and everyone may not support it, but understand there is a two-fold impact that takes place when we do this. First, creating those things that are in your heart will bring you an indescribable fulfillment. Secondly, your purpose is designed to help and influence others in a great way. When God gives us ideas, passion and purpose, it is never for us solely. These ideas and purposes are given to empower others and it starts with you in your communities.

I thought about giving you a few bullet points on how to play your part in your communities, but instead, I’d like to highlight a few special people who are actually playing their parts. Check out the quick highlights below of people who have found their purposes and using what is in their hands to influence those in their communities:

  1. Nanya Joseph, Founder of Just B Girls – Just B Girls is an organization created to empower girls to embrace their femininity while training them to become young ladies who are confident and understand their worth.  Just B Girl uses the art of jewelry design as a means to cultivate values as well as entrepreneurship and leadership skills.  The organization holds firmly to the scripture Proverbs 31:10 “…for her price is far above rubies.” For more info go to
  2. LaShanda Pitts, Founder of Classy Living Society (CLS) – CLS is a member-based organization that is committed to sisterhood, volunteerism and servicing the community. The members of CLS are making a great impact in the world using their time, talents and compassion one community at a time.  Classy Living Society are also recipients of the President’s Volunteer Service Award from President Barak Obama. For more information on CLS go to
  3. Kristine Jones, Founder and Author of Priceless Jewels – Priceless Jewels is an organization designed to rebuild hope in the lives of victims of domestic violence, human sex trafficking  and prostitution. Priceless Jewels goals are to aid and help victims understand their true identities, heal and overcome their past. Kristine is currently organizing an A-21 Walk to raise awareness about human sex trafficking in Norcross, GA on October 14, 2017. For more information on Priceless Jewels, follow @thepricesslessjewels on Instagram.

These beautiful women are true, living examples of what it means to play your part. I have personally participated in and supported their organizations. I hope these ladies and their organizations encourages you to step out, share your gifts, time and talents to be a positive influence in this world.


As for me, you may be wondering what is my part. My husband and I have started a ministry hosting monthly bible study in our home. It is something that God placed in our hearts over 14 years ago, today we are stepping out and trusting God step by step with this ministry. By sharing God’s love and teaching His unadulterated Word, we aspire to empower, give hope and be a light in our community.

I hope this blog has impacted and encouraged you to play your part. Let me know what you are doing to play your part in your community. Share your thoughts and don’t forget to subscribe!

Honestly Chic/jw

Yoga Inspiration

Grow in all the places you never thought you would, to prove to yourself that you can and to realize that all your limits were only fleeting thoughts that held on a little too tight.

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