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Natural Hair Week Trending Topics and The Latest Videos

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What is Ayesha Curry’s favorite curl product to use on Riley’s hair?

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I needed a change

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Natural Hair Week Trending Topics and The Latest Videos

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Natural Hair Week Trending Topics and The Latest Videos

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How does Meghan Markle’s mom wear her natural hair when she’s out and about in L.A?

Was Davina Bennett upset about not winning the Miss Universe title?

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Natural Hair Week Trending topics and Videos, I’m obsessed w/ Pumpkins

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Have you been trying to thicken your hair?

What happens when a stylist doesn’t know black hair?

When you’re tired of folks touching your hair, what do you do?


This is why I’m obsessed with pumpkins TwoLaLa


More about my obsession with pumpkins…

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Contemplating Part II


Ok everyone. Here are the results. I believe that it would have came out better, if I left it in longer. I put them in last night, and took them out this morning. I did not like the results at first. After a little tweaking, it became cute.

So…I sprayed my hair a little with one of my concoctions. I can’t tell you my secret. Lol. I finger parted medium size pieces, and put our Three Sisters & A Bobby Pins Moisturizer on it. Then, I  braided each section. Finally, I wrapped the braids on perm rods. I let my sister borrow my flexy rods. She hasn’t given them back yet. Hint..Hint.

So…My Natural Divas. This is how it came out. I may be able to go another month without chopping it off. My style of the month.




For days…I have been contemplating. Chop, or don’t chop. My hair has grown so much over the past year. I’m always seeing women, and their beautiful braid out styles. I think to myself, “That could be me.” The next day…”Time to chop it off.” The struggle is real.

This is my first time trying this style. I have seen it many times. We may have also posted it a few times. It was so simple. I don’t want to tell you how I did it yet, or what I used. Let’s see how it comes out first. Stay tuned.