For Better or Worse #musiq #loverock

Love has a way of weaving itself into our lives.  Take our natural hair for instance.

On our rough hair days, Love holds us steady.  It looks us eye to eye in the mirror when we think about returning to the Perm and tells us that our choice to be natural is more than our curls and fros. More than protective styles and growth checks.

Love shouts, “Your natural manes have the power to influence major markets.”  It screams “Your naps and curls can embrace the Red Carpet.”  And Love whispers, “Help a sick sister, mourn for your industry leader, and support your black brothers.”

Maybe one day Love will summon us to help heal a nation.  It may ask us to consider the possibility of depositing our power into our dreams, into our communities and into those whom we love, for better or worse.