Winterize Your Curls #NapturalElenore

Wal-Mart has placed Valentine’s goodies out before I have had a chance to put my unused wrapping paper back in the attic. How time flies!  We are already on the 5th day of the new year and bitter winter days are near.  As we winterize our homes and wardrobes, we can ready our tresses for the cold temps as well.

Naptural Elanore shares her L.O.C. method on how to keep our curls looking moisturized and beautiful during the winter.  Enjoy the video and we hope it helps.

Summertime Curly Fun

Although summer has not officially begun, my kids are out of school and my summer to-do-list includes dropping the kids off at the pool taking the kids to the pool, outdoor activities and finding creative, flirty hair styles for the summer.

I found a fun, short tutorial by My Natural Sistas that demonstrates how to create cute summer curls without the heat.  Enjoy and have a great summer!