We Made It

Fireworks had never been so exciting as when I saw them go off high above the descending peach at 12 a.m. January 1, 2015.  Like a little girl seeing them light up the sky for the first time, I jumped up and down clapping my hands. I danced in circles with my teenage daughter and then I cried.

2014 had it’s way with me.  It pushed me through a tunnel that I had been afraid to travel through for many, many years.  At the beginning of the year, I was on one end, May through November I was traveling through and here I am on the other end fifty pounds lighter, a little wiser and more determined.

While I was in the dark, I gained strength, I found the voice that I had been praying for, I learned how to forgive myself and I discovered a new dimension of Love…..unconditional.

I know for sure that God gave me the courage to Love unconditionally and it was that courage that pushed me through the dark. AND, He gave me an internal light to carry with me through the tunnels that I will travel this year!

CharyJay humbly shares her 2014 tunnel experience.  She made it through…Thank you Jesus!!!! I hope her story inspires you as it did with me.  Happy Traveling in 2015!!

Change Isn’t Easy

On the way to my nursing class last week, I stood at the bus stop watching a young man bent over, emptying out his insides onto the ground. His painful episode made my stomach turn and I was forced to entertain the thought of whether I was cut out for a career in nursing. “If I can’t handle this, am I really going to be able to help sick people?”

An elderly lady across the street was also watching the man grasp for air. From her bus stop she yelled, “Young man, would you like a bottle of water?!” He responded faintly, “No….” but I could see a “Yes please,” behind his glossy red eyes and sweaty forehead. What I did next came without thinking and later surprised me “Ma’am I will give it to him anyway,” I yelled back across the street. Before I knew it, I was holding up traffic on one side and the kind lady’s bus on the other. I grabbed the water, gave the bus driver a thank you wave, ran back across the street and passed the water on to the young man. He said thank you and slowly walked off.

I didn’t make it to class that evening. Instead, I walked back home with a nervous, upset stomach, trying to make sense of what happened and feeling doubtful about my choice to change careers. I laid down to take a nap and I woke up about 20 minutes later to a soft voice that said “You will be ready.”

Transitioning and change is not easy. My Aunt Bridgette told me a long time ago, “Anything worth having is worth working hard for.” The journey to natural hair is a life changing experience that is worth enduring. Miix Mii shares their insight on how patience and embracing our locs can make the transition to natural, healthy hair a reality. It’s ain’t easy but it’s worth it. Happy transitioning!

Hope for the Journey #jahnie

Hope never gets old…that thought came to me in the kitchen while I was experimenting with frying chicken wings in coconut oil for dinner. J. Ahnie conveys hope in her 2 year journey video. She tells her story of patience and determination to thicker, natural hair. I am completely happy with my short hair, and it’s partly because, thanks to our vloggers, I will know how to grow it longer when I decide. Enjoy and Happy Growing!

Inspired to Do It Myself #happykinksforever

I created my own version of a deep conditioner after watching Happy Kinks Forever and a few other tutorials. I’m not sure of the science behind the mayonnaise, Almond milk and Coconut oil, but it worked. Now I’m pumped about trying new recipes and thrilled to know that creative inspiration is just a click and a teaspoon away… Happy creating!

Prayer For Our Journey

The seemingly new surge of African American women wearing natural hair is actually not new at all as many may think. I have met women who have been natural all of their lives.

It is an act of grace that has given many women, including myself, a chance to rewind the hands of time to reclaim our natural roots and receive healing in the process. With this realization, I write this prayer:

Thank you for giving us a chance to reconnect to our past. Help us learn from it. Heal and close any generational wounds and scars passed on to us from the oppression and abuse of slavery. Continue to unveil our creativity and guide us in using it to do Your will.

AuCurls Naturelle shares her two year journey. I hope her video encourages you on your journey.