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Natural Hair Week In Review

Governor Nathan Deal declared Feb 3rd as Falcons Day so teachers, students and fans statewide sported their team colors and Falcon gear.


Curls and Couture shows us a colorful way to brighten our hair.


Juiceandberries takes us through her easy wash-n-go routine step by step.


Honestly Erica is brilliant at keeping it simple and honest. Her 2-n-1 hairstyle is breezy and stress free.


Heygorjess gives a dazzling demo on the 3 strand twistout. 

Natural Hair Week In Review

After I applied concealer above my eyebrows for the first time and watched my eyes magically look younger, I shared my take on #blackgirlmagic with my teenage daughter.

Make up does magic.  Black girls don’t.  African American women are courageous, intelligent, beautiful, vibrant and hard working.  I explained to my daughter that our unique qualities are God-given and not magically based.

Straighten with  Beauty By Lee using an argan oil based heat protectant and the HSI titanium flat iron.


Yolanda Renee shows us how to flex our curls by saturating hair with a styling product detangling and twisting hair around rods.


 Healthy diet. Healthy hair.  The Chic Natural shares four steps to grow long, healthy hair.

Natural Hair Week In Review

As the presidential campaign rolls into its final days, our Natural Hair journey presses on.

The platform of our journey is acceptance.  When we embrace our individual hair types and the struggles that come with being natural, we join thousands of other women on a fascinating path!

Detangle with MichelleB to restore order and lust.  Michelle makes a surprising discovery about what her hair can do!


Moisturize with NICKYBNATURAL.  She opts out of the familiar LOC method and uses the LCO way.  Her five point “Things to Remember” list will help us stay moisturized.


Style with Praise Onaturals.  She mixes and massages Argan oil, Aloe Vera Gel, Avocado Oil, and a leave in conditioner for shiny, killer curls.


Hair Freedom from Egypt to D.C.

IMG_20160403_181240.jpgI’m a little embarrassed yet excited to say…..there is so much history to exoerience in D.C.! Embarrassed because it was my first time visiting D.C. in my 40 plus years and excited because my heart pounds at the thought of sharing my travel discoveries with the students and patients whom I teach and serve.

It’s one thing to learn history through books and images but to actually stand at the burial site of former slaves and to stand near the same tree where students read the newly signed Emancipation Proclamation hundreds of years ago…….it’s amazing!

I was just as excited when I discovered the masterful”Hair” story created by  Chime (Hair Crush).  In her video, she chronicles the history of black hair from the elaborate hairstyles of ancient Egypt to today’s similar natural styles. I hope you take away much joy and knowledge from her video!

Afroinspired Translation

I posted up near the doorway, waiting to greet students as they entered the Biology classroom. I was thrilled to see the hallway pollinated with teachers and students wearing their Curly Fros, Big Fros and Pinned-Up styles.

I got so excited that I couldn’t pass up the chance to take a picture of Ms. Robbins’ frovalicious style.


Look at her smile!

Ms. Robbins inspired me that day to be more creative in my teaching.

I’d hope to spruce up the mundane assignment of copying and answering questions about the Water Cycle, so I took the terms evaporation, condensation and precipitation, and translated them into matters of community service, compassion and the need to appreciate diversity.

I think the students enjoyed learning about photosynthesis just as much as I enjoyed teaching it. We had an awesome Afroinspired learning experience!




In Other Words, You Can’t Cook

….That was the response from one of my students when I explained to the class that learning a foreign language is like cooking, you get better with practice.

However blunt my student may have been, she was right.  I can´t cook. I enjoy it, I mess it up sometimes, I appreciate how it brings people together, but really, I can’t cook.

I’ve learned a lot from my culinary flops…like you don’t have to add a whole lot of water to a pot of cabbage. Or, don’t add all of the cheese sauce at once to macaroni and cheese.

We all make mistakes.  MyNaturalSistas shares some of the hiccups that she’s made on her natural hair journey……using too much heat and skipping her moisturizing routine.  She encourages us to share our own mistakes in order to help one another.  Enjoy!

Get Ready With #fusionofcultures

We had finally made it out of the rain and into the doctor’s office.  I checked in, sat down and waited for their names to be called. Then I closed my eyes for the first time in 24 hours.

The nurse emerged from the back to call both of my sons to have their Sports Physicals done. The fact that my guys were now old enough to go without me was beautiful.  The fact that it was quiet and I could catch a nap was even more beautiful!

Shortly after I closed my eyes, the lobby became flooded with car seats, crawling babies and wobbling toddlers. Wonder Pets were now singing their “Teamwork” song on Nick Jr. and the parents who sat down a few chairs away from me were now chasing their toddler and snapping pictures of him as he tested his newly acquired walking skills.

Before I could close my eyes again, I heard a little spectator, who had been watching the Wobbly Toddler Chase, ask his mom, “Mom, why can’t she walk like that?” comparing his crawling baby sister to the little boy who led the chase. “She will when she’s ready.”

FusionofCultures shares some great tips on how to get ready for an Autumn day. She creates a royal half-up, half-down style and seals her look with polished, dark lips.  I hope you enjoy the music and her creativity. Happy twisting!

Three Hairstyles For the Workplace #repost

Hallease will add a wisp of joy to your journey with her spirited video on how to create three hairstyles suitable for the workplace. Enjoy and Happy Styling!

Tried at home:

I put the bobby pins to work before heading off to work.  The video tutorial gave me a few ideals on how to create a professional look whether I am teaching or working at the hospital. This style was pretty easy, with the help of bobby pins, and it endured two 12 hour shifts! Thanks Hallease!