Fresh Looks for the New Season

I work in a hospital on the weekends.  During the week I travel extensively throughout my county delivering high energy, researched-based lessons to students at all grade levels……I’m a Substitute Teacher.

Within a 24 hour period, I can go from serving patients who are in dire pain to bearing the complaints of cold, horrible cafeteria food from students who get their lunch out of vending machines.
The hospital room and the classroom is where I renew my hope and strength.  Patients and students both remind me that I can choose to start fresh everyday!
MsVaughnTV creates four fresh, prep-free looks for the new season. We hope her video helps you save time on your natural hair journey!

Bun Happiness #naturallygg

I usually wake up with a to-do list on my mind.  However, this morning when I woke up, I bypassed the thoughts of facing morning traffic, picking the kids up from school and the things that I did not accomplish on yesterday.

Instead, I praised Yahweh for being the awesome God that He is…the creator of the mountains, the oceans, the dirt, the stars!  I am connected to such a grand Magnificent network, so how hard would it be to set small daily goals to help me combat my fear of failure?

I’ve been goal driven for most of my life but because I have fallen short many times in the past few years, I made a habit of starting projects without planning or setting goals.  I am now learning how to give my fears, dreams, my plans, and goals over to God and trust that He will give me the desires of my heart….believe, plan, work.

I set a goal this morning to get 600 steps on my Fitbit before leaving for work…achieved!

At work, I set another goal after listening to students share their college and career goals. They shared how they want to become computer engineers, nurses, architects, and members of the marines.

They inspired me to look for beauty in something, no matter how old, new, small or grand it may be. So for 21 days, I am going to search for something or someone beautiful and share it with you.

Naturally GG shows us how to gently refresh old, twisted out hair into a beautiful style  She uses her hair tools to create three polished buns with smooth edges. I hope her video helps……Happy bunning!

Visuals Saved My Morning


My daughter’s hair style that she spent nearly an hour on the night before didn’t turn out right so ten minutes before it was time to head out the door for school, she asked me to do a Goddess braid.

After three failed attempts, she stood in front of the mirror with the most disappointing look and said to me, “Ma, you have it on Three Sisters & A Bobby Pin, you know how to do it…. you just forgot.”

Baby girl was right! I did forget. I had to visualize the technique over a few sips of coffee before I was finally able to brush, part and pin. Where would we be without Natural Hair visuals?!!

She wants to try the style above saved from Pinterest so here’s to more practice and more visuals!

Excuse Me #heyzurihall

His coach put him back in the game with fifteen seconds left in the fourth quarter and my son passed the ball instead of driving to the basket.  We lost by 2.  On the way home, his dad said to him sarcastically, “Son, you’re a very courteous player.  BE A BEAST ON THE COURT!  Be nice after the game.”

On my run this morning, I replayed the hard lost in my head ….. the pressure, the crowd, the last second attempts. How would I perform if I were in my son’s shoes? Would I be courteous or would I compete?

In running to find the answer, I began to kindly excuse myself from wondering if passerbys thought that my breathing was too loud and I was able to concentrate more on my breathing rhythm.  I surprisingly dismissed the ever present concern of my ta-ta’s bouncing too much and I began to release the tension in my shoulders. And when the man whom I had passed up, caught back up with me right before our last hill and said to me “Go ahead, that’s not my pace.” I excused myself on ahead.

Zuri Hall and her boyfriend shares a video about natural hair and weave.  It has “Excuse us for being silly and in love” written all over it. I hope you enjoy!!

Anger Serves Empowerment

He was positioned like a paintbrush used to stroke a line of blood on a Missouri street. I felt anger, saddness, then I cried at the thought that it could have been my son lying there lifeless for hours. I soon felt empowered. A sense of urgency rose in me to love more, to forgive sooner than later, to try harder to understand others, to work harder, to give more hugs, to be more creative, to teach more from my heart, to give more high fives at work, to say I love you more at home. My anger fled, it had no choice.

Santasha Quarles shares how she chooses to be creative under military guidelines. Her courage to serve our country and to stay natural is inspiring.

Extract Love from Your Journey

I measured, mixed, poured and scooped some love into my homemade oatmeal raisin cookie dough, hoping to bring joy to my family’s taste buds. The first bite was divinely warm and had a little surprise of vanilla flavor. But how could just a teaspoon of extract bring so much flavor? I know it was love! A brief visit with Love has made me strive to be a better person, to look for good in everyone, to search for beauty in everything….. I had found love in a teaspoon of vanilla extract!

I love that my daughter is embracing her natural flow. We’ve bonded over watching videos and experimenting with new styles. The ChicNatural shares a flat twist, curly style that I’m sure my babygirl will love! Happy twisting!

A Quick and Versatile Style #minimarley

Last night I watched a video on how to create Chic Updos. The styles were elegant but I couldn’t visualize them being worn by more “seasoned” women. So, this morning, I shuffled through my subscriptions in search of a suitable style for any age and I found Mini Marley. Her Boho Braid tutorial shows us how to create a quick style that is versatile for the young and the “young at heart.” Happy braiding!

Summertime Curly Fun

Although summer has not officially begun, my kids are out of school and my summer to-do-list includes dropping the kids off at the pool taking the kids to the pool, outdoor activities and finding creative, flirty hair styles for the summer.

I found a fun, short tutorial by My Natural Sistas that demonstrates how to create cute summer curls without the heat.  Enjoy and have a great summer!